Conference Schedule

Wednesday 4 June
19:00-20:00Welcome Reception

Thursday 5 June
* Last Minute Updates: Stakeholders Meeting Event (ICEIRD Satellite Event) is going to be conducted in Kantara room and Track 4 is going to be conducted in Ahera B room

09:00-10:30Welcome Address - Opening
(Kantara room)

- Honorable Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Harris Georgiades
- Honorable Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Mr. Yiorgos Lakkotrypis
- Michalis Papadopoulos, Innovation and Service Development Manager, Cyta

Keynote Speech:
Georgios Peroulakis: “Innovation policy making in the EU, RIS3: a crisis exit strategy? The case for Cyprus and Greece”
10:30-11:00Coffee Break (Atrium room)
Kantara roomAhera A roomAhera B room
11:00-12:30Track 1Track 2Track 3
12:30-14:00Lunch (Fontana Restaurant)
14:00-15:30Stakeholders Meeting Event
(ICEIRD Satellite Event)

Track 4
Track 5Track 4
Stakeholders Meeting Event
(ICEIRD Satellite Event)
15:30-16:00Coffee Break (Atrium room)
16:00-17:30Track 6Track 7Track 8
19:00-22:30Conference Dinner (pick up from Hilton Hotel)

Friday 6 June
(Kantara room)

Keynote Speech:
George E. Georgiou: "Novel Photovoltaic Technologies for Improved Energy Harvesting"

ICEIRD 2015 organizers: "A brief talk about next year's event"
10:00-10:30Coffee Break (Atrium room)
Kantara roomAhera A roomAhera B room
10:30-12:00Track 9Track 10Track 11
Kantara room
12:00-14:00Roundtable Discussion on Triple Helix (University – Industry – Government) Interactions in Cyprus
14:00-14:30Closing Plenary and Wrap-up Session

Track 1: Regional innovation strategies and smart regions
Session Chair: Panayiotis H. Ketikidis

1. The EcoHelix: Redefining Paradigms and Co-Creating Value through Ecotourism as Stewardship
David Lansdale, Patricio Álvarez, Ana Deaconu, María José Ayala, Andrea Espinoza, Candy Abad, Diego Rojas

2. Unused Potential of Co-Creation in South-East Europe: Is it about the Culture?
Anja Orcik, Zeljko Tekic, Jelena Borocki, Zoran Anisic

3. Transferable Cluster Policies in the South-East Europe Region
Predrag Matkovic, Marton Sakal, Pere Tumbas, Tiberiu Diaconescu

4. Boosting the Innovation Potential in the Metropolitan area of Thessaloniki Through Triple Helix Interactions
Panayiotis Ketikidis, Tatjana Taneva, Adrian Solomon

5. Application of methodological tools for the design and validation of new business models in Entrepreneurship ICT in Colombia
Gladys Elena Rueda, Maryi Cardrazco, Juan Carlos Aguirre

Track 2: Smart Growth for SMEs
Session Chair: Athanasios P. Kalogeras

1. Towards a new, Multidimensional Management and Measurement Framework of (Young) German Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ Intellectual Capital
Sabrina Aschenbrenner, Thomas Heupel, Mercedes Carmona-Martínez

2. The Human Resource Practices as Drivers of Innovations in SMEs
Vesna Zabijakin Chatleska

3. Importance of Financial Information in Improving SMEs performance
Katarina Zager, Nikolina Decman, Ana Novak

4. SMEs in the cloud: The impact of cloud adoption on economic growth and development
Evangelia Filiopoulou, Persefoni Mitropoulou, Christos Michalakelis

Track 3: Enterpreneurial Learning and Education
Session Chair: Mamic Sacer Ivana

1. Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Educational Structures
Jörg Dötsch

2. Capstone Design Courses as a Vehicle for Technology Transfer
Efthimia Staiou, Sencer Yeralan, Murat Fadiloglu

3. Developing University–SME Collaboration
Sinikka Seppänen, Kristiina Lilja

4. Should I stay or should I go: is the leadership style important for the sector where it is performed?
Gligor Stojkov, Dusica Janevska, Radmil Polenakovik

5. The Impact of Student's Entrepreneurship Education on Self-employment and Business Start-up Intentions: Research Results from Serbia
Srdan Bogetic, Dejan Dordevic, Dragan Cockalo

Track 4: Management of Innovation in SMEs
Session Chair: Sabrina Aschenbrenner

1. Implementation of Environmental Management Systems into SMEs
Ruzena Kralikova, Lydia Sobotova, Miroslav Badida

2. Debt management in small and medium-sized enterprises using financial ratios
Lajoš Žager, Sanja Sever Mališ, Ana Ježovita

3. Potential for the Improvement of Innovation Activities of SMEs
Miroljub Hadžić, Petar Pavlović

4. Does Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME-s) Determines the Allowance of Bank Loans for Investment – an overview of Kosovo SME-s
Florin Peci

Track 5: Regional and National Development Strategies
Session Chair: Christos Michalakelis

1. Cluster Policy and Cluster Governance in Croatia
Mirjana Dragičević, Alka Obadić

2. The place of Russia in the Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of BRICS countries
Svetlana Gusarova

3. Research and development - a potential growth driver of the European economy
Tomislav Herceg, Marina Dabic, Davor Vlajcic

4. ''EUROPE 2020'' strategy as a global imperative for SEE countries
Andjelko S. Lojpur, Milivoje Radovic, Ana Lalevic-Filipovic

5. Three years of GEM in Bucaramanga: a comparative analysis
Maryi Cadrazco, Gladys Rueda

Track 6: Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs through Innovation
Session Chair: David Lansdale

1. Intrapreneurial management profiles of Chief Executive Officers in SMEs
Bidyut Baruah, Anthony Ward

2. Business Membership Organizations as a policy approach to increase SMEs’ EU funds absorption
Tobias Stolz, Tine Schrammel

3. Role of International Financial Reporting Standards for small and medium sized entities in the quality of business information
Ivana Mamić Sačer, Ivana Sever

4. Valuing and Dealing Patents in High-Tech Industries – Implications for SMEs
Zeljko Tekic, Milana Vitas, Miroslava Drazic, Dragan Kukolj

5. Improving and Developing the Quality of SME Business Operations Aimed at the Economic Development of the Republic of Serbia
Srdjan Bogetic, Zorana Antic, Milka Ivanovic, Maja Durica

Track 7: Pathways to Funding – Financial tools
Session Chair: Gedminaite-Raudone Zivile

1. Crisis, Co-Financing, and Crowdfunding: Igniting Regional Development.
Thomas Müllerleile, Dieter William Joenssen, Andreas Müllerleile

2. Emerging VC industry: do market expectations play the most important role in project selection? Evidence on Russian data
Ivan Rodionov, Alexander Semenov, Eleonora Gosteva, Ekaterina Eremeeva

3. Innovation Funding: The Case of Cyprus
Christos Mettouris, George A. Papadopoulos

4. Fostering cross-border early stage funding for innovative SMEs in the region of South-East Europe: The case of the VIBE project
Andreas C.R. Baresel-Bofinger, Panayiotis H. Ketikidis, Nikos Zaharis, Fay Kandiliari

5. The Presence of Venture Capital in Less Developed Regions - a Key Cultural Necessity?
Aron Jinaru, Alexandru Caragea, Roxana Voicu-Dorobantu, Thomas Straub, Stefano Borzillo

Track 8: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Session Chair: Florin Peci

1. A Methodology Guide for the Transformation of Research to Innovation
Athanasios P. Kalogeras, Christos Anagnostopoulos

2. A Guide to assessing the impact of innovation and technology transfer in the economic and social plan.
Sorin Mircea Axinte, Bogdan Ciocanel, Gheorghe Bala

3. Sustaining Entrepreneurial Ecosystems with ebarts
Yasmine Arafa, Miriam Joy Morris and Cornelia Boldyreff

4. Overcoming Crisis: from Offshore to Online
Alexander Zelitchenko

5. University Research and Development Projects in a Rapidly Changing Technology Environment
Sencer Yeralan , Efthimia Staiou

Track 9: Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation for competitive regions
Session Chair: Nick Williams, University of Sheffield

1. Impact of using unique resources of the regions classified by rurality for higher value added and new jobs creation
Zivile Gedminaite-Raudone

2. Social Enterprises in Regional Innovation Systems
Satu Rinkinen, Tuija Oikarinen, Helinä Melkas

3. The impact of the EU cohesion policy on the regional convergence process of the new member states in the European Union
Radmila Jovančević, Tomislav Globan

4. ICEIRD2014: Family-friendliness and regional competitiveness. Family-friendliness: Best practice
Sviatlana Prakapiuk, Prof. Dr. Christopher Stehr, Prof. Dr. Martina Eckardt

Track 10: Innovative supply chains, network collaboration and joint ventures
Session Chair: Andreas C.R. Baresel-Bofinger

1. Reverse Supply Chain for Remanufacturing with Uncertain Demand and Return Product Yield
Samar K. Mukhopadhyay

2. Comparative Electricity Demand Generation Forecast, Applying a Grey Analysis Model in Correlation with Monte Carlo Simulation in Discretized Time Frames
Moyses Moyseos, Stefanos Katsavounis, Nikolaos Patsianis

3. Data mining in customer profitability analysis
Dražena Gašpar, Ivica Coric, Mirela Mabic

4. A Methodological Approach for the Enhancement of Solar Thermal Market in South East Europe
Athanasios Kalogeras, Gino Verrocchi

Track 11: Innovation processes in services
Session Chair: Alexander Zelitchenko

1. Reducing skills mismatch as a key for increasing the regional competitiveness of women entrepreneurs in SEE
Bojan R. Jovanovski, Igor Nikoloski, Radmil Polenakovik, Trajce Velkovski, Emilija Nikoloska

2. Tires recycling
Radoš Vorkapic, Rade Vorkapic

3. Innovation as a business model for SMEs
Sorin Mircea AXINTE, Gabriela IVANUS

4. Science and Technology Park-a tool in promoting and sustaining innovation in SMEs
Sorin Mircea AXINTE, Alexandru MARIN,Gabriela IVANUS

5. Challenges in developing online business networking competencies for Albanian and Estonian business students
Oliana Sula, Tiit Elenurm

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